Tuesday, July 17, 2018

June Adventures...

As I sit down to write this month’s Adventures, I am not sure how it is already the middle of May.  As I write, we are in the midst of some passing thunderstorms reminding us that it’s not quite summer yet.  I also find myself reflecting at how fast time has gone by since graduating seminary then becoming your pastor two years ago.  And here we are, getting ready to see many of our children finish up another year of school and move onto the next grade and in some cases, a new school.  I tend to enjoy this time of year because the nights and mornings are still cool, while things around the church quiet down and the pace becomes a little bit more relaxed and slower.  Although just as quickly as summer is here, we know it also ends pretty quickly too, so be sure to enjoy every day of summer, whether it’s here in town, along one of our many trails, or at the creeks, rivers, or lakes. 

The one highlight each June for me is Annual Conference, which is a four-day regional gathering of United Methodists, which in our case is around California and Nevada (see Methodist 101 to explain more in-depth).  During this time, we will meet for worship, business, setting our appointments for the coming year, and ordination and commissioning.  Stephanie McMillan and Elsie Wesley are our two elected lay delegates from Quincy and I will be representing us on the clergy side.  I am beyond excited that I will be commissioned as a provisional elder in the UMC by Bishop Carcaño at the service of commissioning and ordination on June 22, which is the next step in the ordination process.  I always enjoy connecting with others around our regional body and it always feels like a reunion and a time of making new friends. 

Although there will be some busy moments here and there throughout the summer, I hope that we can all find some time to rest and renew.  I hope that we can find the time to get outside, go for a walk or a hike, or go fishing as I hope to do the same as I work on some much needed self-care.  After getting over this chest cold and when the weather is decent, I’m looking forward to going out walking again and walking to and from the office when I can (especially with gas prices on the rise!), or perhaps even getting a bike given I need to work out more than I have lately.  So, what are you planning to do to rest, renew, and practice self-care this summer? 

Peace & Blessings,
Pastor Andrew

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