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"Keep On Trusting in God's Mercy" - Sermon, October 23, 2016

Community UMC, Quincy “Keep on Trusting in God’s Mercy” October 23, 2016 Pastor Andrew Davis Luke 18: 9-14
What a great joy it was last week to hear Susie preach a powerful message about prayer, faith, and patience as we celebrated laity Sunday last week.  As we pick up with our series, “Keep On,” we have talked about the need to obey - aka just do it - when it comes to what Jesus commands us to do.  We have talked about the need to keep on healing all who we encounter, even when it means crossing barriers.  We had the reminder from Susie last week to keep on praying while staying faithful and patient.  And now, we come to today’s text from Luke, “keep on trusting in God’s mercy,” which is an extension of prayer.  But whenever we pray and ask for God’s mercy, we also have this amazing opportunity to experience that mercy firsthand and share about that experience with others!  Before we engage with our text, how many of you have been in a situation where you know you messed up big time, yet…

"Keep on Healing All" - Sermon for October 9, 2016

Community UMC, Quincy
“Keep On…Keep on Healing All”
Pastor Andrew Davis
October 9, 2016
Luke 17: 11-19

I love a good medical drama on TV!!There’s something about the intensity of it, the subplots, and all the intriguing storylines that move us to tears or leave us on the edge of our seats.When some of my friends would watch Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix in the lounge while living on campus at Wesley, it was so easy to get hooked in.Or I would find myself equally captivated when ER was still running on NBC, being glued to the show each week to see what was next.I have also been rather intrigued by the NBC show, Chicago Med, which I first thought might be the second coming of ER.Nevertheless, even though the action on these TV shows is fiction, it portrays stories and plots of both healing and sorrow that take place in the ER and hospital, which happens in real life too, but without all the soapy subplots.Away from TV, we are fortunate to have healers in our world through our doctors, nurses, ph…

Sermon, October 2, 2016: "Keep on Obeying" from the series "Keep On..."

Community UMC, Quincy
October 2, 2016
“Keep on…Keep on Obeying”
Pastor Andrew Davis
Luke 17: 5-10 Being a child of the media and growing up in the 1980’s and 90’s, I remember when Nike had the slogan, “Just Do It!” Since shoes and athletic wear is what Nike is most well-known for, Nike encouraged people during that time to just do it, just go for it, go and do what you love and let your passion burn brightly.But then while I was thinking of Nike’s slogan and other slogans I vividly remember, I also thought about Sprite’s slogan that began in the 1990’s, “Obey Your Thirst” which entices viewers into consuming Sprite when feeling thirsty.Not so sure that’s really healthy, as I tend to reach for water before Sprite when it comes to obeying my thirst, but it was effective and is still in use today.
So naturally, as I was writing on Thursday and struggling with what to talk about when it comes to obeying the Gospel, just like we are encouraged by Sprite to obey our thirst, my colleague Pastor Le…