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Lenten Ruminations

Usually, I have used this space to post my weekly sermons and monthly newsletter articles, although this year for Lent, we did a series about rehab at Community UMC and because of the highly personal nature of the stories shared in the series, chose not to post the sermons from Lent this year.  
We began our time of Lent in the wilderness, reflecting on the things that tempt us and where we too may find ourselves in the wilderness.  We then talked about our need for intervention, whether it's God intervening, or people who love us so much that they intervene to keep us from doing harm to ourselves or others.  The third week, we talked about working the program, linking The Ten Commandments to how we work the program of our faith, but how we may have had to work the program through therapy or 12-steps, etc..  We then heard a powerful story about recovery, thinking about how we can make it through some of the challenges life throws at us, ultimately leading to promise as we await the…