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Re-Launch of "Let's Go Light our World."

After returning to Washington, DC three months ago after a two week intercultural immersion on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, I have had this sense and nudging to get back to blogging again.  I have found myself hooked on a soon to be colleague's blog and have other friends who blog regularly, so why not try to get back into the swing of things.  I also find it a great spiritual discipline where I can share my random ramblings, thoughts on the world, thoughts on God/theology, health/self-care, and the like.  I actually began a blog on WordPress under this title and after reflecting further on my time in Pine Ridge and encountering extreme poverty and poverty in general, thought that a re-launch of "Let's Go Light our World" was in order.

A lot of the inspiration for "Let's Go Light Our World" came five years ago when I still worked at Raley's in the guest service counter at the North Highlands location (until its closure in 2012) and would have …