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Time for another Rebrand of this Blog

So last week, I had a lot to say, but that's also been a result of being remiss about blogging and sharing my thoughts.  This week, while working on my first newsletter article for the Quincy Quill. I decided that this blog is need of a new nickname, Adventures with Pastor Andrew, which will coincidentally be the same title of my article.  So, I figured it's time to re-brand this blog yet again.  I'm still all about bringing hope and light into this world where darkness can easily take hold, but also want to expand onto places where we can talk about this adventure called life and how our faith can intersect with life.

I'm eagerly awaiting the day I move up to Quincy and the day I take the helm as pastor of Community United Methodist Church.  That alone is an adventure in itself, along with the many outdoor opportunities and places to explore.  But, also the people I get to meet and the people we get to know.  And I could not have asked for a more beautiful setting th…

Full Circle and the In-Between Times

It's a strange morning waking up to a new rhythm of life now that I am back in California and waiting for the next step.  You would think coming home for good would be exciting and joyful, but it a strange feeling today and a bittersweet feeling.  Yesterday, a good friend who came back to CA with me from Wesley returned to DC and thus, my time and experience at Wesley and in DC came full circle for once and for all.  As I dropped him off at the airport yesterday morning, I had the same feelings I had four years ago in August after my dad and I drove to Washington, DC then dropping my dad off at the airport.  It's a mixture of emotions, the sadness of saying goodbye/see-ya-later, yet the anticipation and excitement for what's next.  Back then, I had the excitement and anticipation of beginning seminary and exploring Washington, DC.  But now, I have returned to CA and it is definitely not the same the second time around.  Of course, I am only back in Sacramento for a short t…