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Adventures with Pastor Andrew from "The Quincy Quill," July 2016

I am about to do a new thing;
now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert.
– Isaiah 43: 19 (NRSV)
It is a great joy to be writing to you and serving as your newly appointed pastor!!  I definitely feel God doing a new thing as I continue transitioning from four years of living in Washington, DC back to California.  It’s also a new thing going from being a seminary student to pastor.  But, here we are, beginning something new and embarking a new adventure together.  Being a pastor is something I thought about here and there early on in life, but always managed to keep putting it off each time.  Nevertheless, God catches up and so after many years of avoiding God’s call, broke down and went to seminary and long story short, here I am and ready to serve. 
One of the ways that I see life and faith is seeing it as an adventure.  And I love a good adventure too.  When our district superintendent, Dave Samelson asked me if I would con…

Entering into a New Season

During this time of waiting and preparation (an early Advent?) since moving back to California from Washington, DC as I prepare for the new beginning in Quincy, CA, I have been reading Jane Myers Perrine's book, The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek which my mom recommended to a friend and me.  The book is about a young, 25 year old first time pastor, Adam Jordan arriving to the small town of Butternut Creek, TX to become pastor of the Christian Church.  However, Adam is gruffly greeted by Miss Birdie, the pillar of the church and head of the Widows, with her sidekick Mercedes.

See, Pastor Adam arrives with minimal essentials, no furniture, doesn't know anyone, and a broken down jalopy of a car.  Everything changes before long and before you know it, Pastor Adam has furniture, makes new friends, and also seems like he is always at odds with Miss Birdie, even though it will be evident in the book how each one really comes to care for the other.  It also shows that as gruff…

Setting Our Faces Towards Other Places: Sermon, June 26, 2016

I have been asked about yesterday's sermon by some, so will be posting it here on my blog.  It was a beautiful service yesterday as I said my farewell to the UMC of Rancho Cordova Community I have been a part of these last six years.  
UMC of Rancho Cordova Sermon, June 26, 2016 “Setting Our Faces Towards Other Places” Pastor Andrew Davis Luke 9:51-62
I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love a good trip.  Anytime there is a trip involved, there is that time of anticipation in the planning and dreaming.  Then before long, it is time to pack, then like a kid on Christmas morning, there is the excitement of actually leaving for that trip, whether it is by air, train, ship, or car.  But it feels like there is so much preparation that needs to happen before traveling.  And packing is not necessarily my favorite part, plus Murphy’s Law, you know, whatever can go wrong will go wrong sometimes happens while getting ready or as the trip starts.  But it is so easy to have our faces turned …