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"By the Power of the Holy Spirit: Leaders are Raised Up" - Sermon, May 13, 2018

Community UMC, Quincy “By the Power of the Holy Spirit: Leaders are Raised Up” Pastor Andrew Davis May 13, 2018 Acts 1: 15-17, 21-26
The feeling of being back to reality can be a challenge after having a week off before, although still been trying to shake this chest cold.Then again, each time I’ve had to deal with one, it takes a few weeks to fully shake.Although you’d think I’d un-learn how to ‘burn the candle at both ends and the middle.’ I’m also grateful for technology that connects us across the distances, as I got to watch the class of 2018 at Wesley Theological Seminary graduate on Monday via the livestream on the seminary’s website, while reflecting back to my own graduation in 2016.It gave me a lot to reflect on seeing our graduates heading off into the world to begin their own ministries, whether it’s pastoring a church, working for a non-profit, or other forms of ministry or vocation.Seems fitting that we are in the season of graduations as our college students and high school …