Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"Adventures" for February 2017 from "The Quincy Quill"

February is one of those months when I’m not exactly sure what to write about.  We’re still in the throes of winter, Lent doesn’t begin until March 1, the Winter Olympics won’t happen until next year, and we do have Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday on the 28th, then Ash Wednesday on March 1.  However, we do have more daylight, sometimes the weather might tease us with a hint of Spring, and we do have Fellowship 6 and the beginning of my attempt to visit each one of you one on one or as a family unit.  In some ways, February is like the calm before the storm, as we will be gearing up for the Lent and Easter cycle. 

As I write this month’s Adventure’s, I have just returned from the annual Gathering of the Orders at Mt. Hermon near Santa Cruz.  I also took a little extra time in Santa Cruz to renew my spirits and enjoy my other favorite part of God’s creation, the ocean.  I love the mountains and I love the ocean and find being in them to be highly renewing and where I feel closest to God.  And with all the snow we have had, I am hoping that it will help to renew our part of the earth here in CA after several years of drought. 

Renewal is something very important, along with regular rest.  I intentionally take Friday as a day of Sabbath (rest) and renewal, finding something I really enjoy doing whether it is reading a book, going for a long walk, a drive to one of the lakes, fishing, or right now, enjoying the winter sports thanks to the snow.  What do you find renewing?  Although I have said it before, I encourage each of you to make sure that you too are taking a day out of your week to rest and do something renewing and enjoyable.  And as we are only a month away from Lent, Lent is also a time to renew ourselves and help us to look at ourselves in the mirror and what kind of new life we are called to live when Easter comes around.  So as we go about this month, let us think of ways we can renew ourselves individually, but also how we can renew ourselves as a church too!! 

Peace & Blessings,
Pastor Andrew

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