Wednesday, August 1, 2018

"Adventures" for August 2018, from "The Quincy Quill"

At the end of May when summer essentially begins each year, I always find myself asking, ‘where has this summer gone already?’ when the middle of July rolls around.  I’m sure many of you are wondering the same thing too.  Amidst being in the ‘dog days of summer,’ we have a lot to look forward to during the month August with the weekly Farmer’s Market at Dame Shirley Plaza each Thursday until September, and the Plumas-Sierra County Fair August 8-12 and the Fair Parade on August 13 down Main Street at 10:00am.  There’s something special about small towns and the sense of community around such events and I particularly love this year’s fair theme, “Welcome to the Neighborhood.” 

With new students arriving to Feather River College this month, and as I see several homes for sale near the church and new people move in, do we take the time to say ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ when we see people we haven’t seen before?  As I’ve been walking to the office most days when the weather is nice, I try to say hi to all people I pass by, although when I’m in the eateries or at the new brewery, I have been amazed how a simple outing can become instant fellowship and an opportunity to meet people.  More importantly, it’s meeting people where they are. 

During the month of August in worship, we will be discussing some of Paul’s letters to the Ephesians in a new worship series, “…in Love.” How do we build up the Kingdom of God in love?  How do we love the people around us, after considering our recent series, “Healing Hands?”  How do we meet people where they’re at?  This month, “the movement of love in the human community can be understood to be the movement of the Spirit as an offering of love for all people” as we think about how we connect with everyone around us, even when love might be challenging at times.  Furthermore, “In this series of texts from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, there are concrete actions that Paul suggests, and they all have their foundation in the love of God.” When we build our foundation on the love of God, we might be different from each other, but still have the love of God that binds us together.  And that same love of God is something to share with everyone we encounter in town, especially at the fair, the farmer’s market, as the college students return, and as our high school, junior high, and elementary students prepare for a new school year ahead of them. 

So, while we may be in the ‘dog days of summer,’ there is still plenty of opportunity to share the love of God with each other and with our neighbors.  And speaking of neighbors, the new documentary about Mr. Rogers will be playing at the Town Hall Theater sometime this month or next, so am hoping we can go see that as a church family, as the late Rev. Fred Rogers was an example of what it means to do everything in love. 

Finally, on behalf of my family, thank you everyone for the prayers before and after my mom’s knee replacement surgery, and thank you for your patience and understanding with my being away for significant parts of two weeks as I helped around the house as she recovered.  It’s strange being on the other end of the caregiving, yet rewarding too.  Just a heads up that I will be away again for two weeks, from August 13 to August 24.  I am flying to San Diego to see some friends then attend the School of Congregational Development from August 15-18, then begin Residence in Ministry (RIM) with my first RIM Academy at the Zephyr Point Presbyterian Retreat Center from August 20-23.  The RIM Academy is required as I walk the path towards ordination, then hone and perfect my skills in ministry these next two to three years. 

Enjoy this final month of summer to the fullest, as we have a very busy Fall ahead as small groups and our music ministries resume once again, along with any new ministry opportunities that are possible too!!  See you in town and especially hope to see you Sunday!!

Peace & Blessings,
Rev. Andrew

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